Susan Bates


Welcome to my website, featuring some of my embroidery designs.


I'm a freelance embroidery designer. I design cross stitch and embroidery books for the Turkish company Tuva Publishing. To date I have produced 9 books of cross stitch designs and one book of freestyle embroidery - see my books page for more details.


My work is regularily featured in  lots of different cross stitch and embroidery magazines.


I currently design for Immediate Media Co.  producing cross stitch designs which readers can then make for themselves using the charts featured in the magazines.


My work regularily appears in these magazines:


I  design cross stitch designs for embroidery magazine DMC Kanavice too I'm a regualr contributor to  Cross Stitcher magazine too.


In addition to this I've have had my embroidery designs featured in other magazines, such as Discovering Needlecraft, Inspirations, The Cross Stitch Collection and Cross Stitch Card Shop.


I have produced a range of designs for DMC Creative World:  


I designed a cross stitch design using the new DMC sparkly threads: DMC Mouline Etoile.


I designed a set of kit designs which feature the words 'Home', 'Hope', 'Love' and 'Dream' made up of delicate florals. 


I've also created a set of designs for DMC which feature close ups of  a dragonfly, a bee, a ladybird and some richly coloured butterflies, set against a floral backdrop.


To see these new designs for DMC go to my 'Kits' page or contact DMC directly.


About Me

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