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 Beautiful Stitches - Freestyle Embroidery Book

My sixth book is called 'Beautiful Stitches' and is a departure from my usual cross stitch designs - here I'm using simple stitching techniques, such as running stitch, stem stitch, straight stitch, backstitch, lazy daisy and French knots to create beautifully colourful and vibrant designs.


The book features over 100 freestyle embroidery motifs for you to stitch, on a variety of subjects, including:

  • birds

  • flowers

  • country cottages

  • garden scenes

  • animals, including lions, tigers, elephants and woodland creatures (such as stags, a fox, a badger and a hedgehog

  • tea and coffee motifs

These are just a few of the designs - there are many more in the book!

Book details:

Paperback - 128 pages

Size: 21cm wide x 22cm high.


Included in the book are the instructions/ diagrams of how to do these stitches.

The diagrams are shown in beautiful colour, with an accompanying colour key for the threads.


The designs are stitched using DMC Stranded Cotton. Each one has a colour photo of the design as it looks when stitched up. There's also a set of mini motifs in the back section.

You can buy this book from:

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