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Marla Doll Pattern in 'The World of Cross Stitching' Magazine 348

My new book, 'My Cross Stitch Doll', is available to buy now, and to celebrate this 'The World of Cross Stitching' magazine are showcasing a couple of my dolls. Marla is the the doll that's featured in this month's issue (348 August 2024), The magazine is available to buy in the shops and online now.

In the magazine you'll find the full colour chart, so that you'll be able to stitch a Marla doll for yourself. The article also tells you how to make up your doll by stitching the front and back embroidered pieces together and stuffing them with toy stuffing, to make your own little three-dimensional doll.

Marla has her hair in cute pigtails that are decorated with bows. She wears a colourful tank top, blouse and floral skirt, finished off with ankle socks and turquoise shoes, She features on the front cover of my book, as you can see here.

In the book you'll find photographs of the back and front of the doll, so that you can see how each side looks stitched up.

Marla book pages

Here's my artwork for the book - this is how Marla started out. Before I create the charts of my doll designs I draw up colour sketches showing how I want my doll to look from the front and the back.

My book features 20 different cross stitch doll patterns, plus some extra mix and match charts to add extra details to your doll and customise them.

So why not treat yourself to a copy of 'The World of Cross Stitching' to try out stitching up the Marla doll? And if you enjoy this, check out my other designs in my book!

The dolls


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