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New Cross Stitch Patterns

I've recently produced some more designs for the US company 'Stitchable Cards' and there's a blog post that I've written about them on their website now - so that you can see the designs in full and read up about my design process. There are 4 designs in the set, which is called 'Spread Your Wings'. As you can see 3 of them feature some kind of flying creature.

You can also read more about how the kit subscription for these designs works by clicking on the link below:

There are various types of kits available, they are:

  • Stitching Kit

  • Cardmaking Kit

  • Want It All Kit

Shown here are the threads that are included in the stitching kit. The threads are produced by Stitchable Cards and they are a 6 stranded cotton thread, similar to DMC or Anchor Stranded Cotton. The kits are sold on a bi-monthly basis, giving you plenty of time to stitch them!

Before I create the chart of the design I work out a sketch for it - this allows me to work out the layout and colours that I'm going to use in it. Below you can see my artwork for my colourful butterfly design.

You can also buy patterns which featured in past kits. The threads used in these patterns match DMC Stranded Cotton, so you can substitute those threads if you don't have the 'Stitchable Cards' stranded cottons. Here's a link to some of the past 'Stitchable Cards' patterns: Patterns – StitchableCards

Below are a couple of previous design sets - 'Ahoy Matey' and 'Home Sweet Home'. Other designs are also available on the 'Stitchable Cards' website.


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