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New Stitch Along Design

Cotton Club Crafts is company based in the UK that sells all things related to embroidery and they recently contacted me to ask me to design a cross stitch pattern for them which would be used as part of the launch of their membership club.

The Cotton Club Crafts membership has all sorts of benefits, if you join it - see below for details:

My design is a stitch along that's released in 6 parts and is based around the theme of summer. The main focal point shows a deckchair on a beach with golden sands with a harbour view in the distance. Colourful summer inspired motifs surround this central image and include lollies and ice cream, cocktails, a sweet Puffin and other summery images.

Also released is a Halloween stitch along that' designed by Jenny Barton.

If you want to read more about the membership go to Cotton Club Crafts - The Membership (


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