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What is a Stitch Along?

If you've read my previous blog post you'll see that I talked about a design that I've released as a stitch along in conjunction with Cotton Club Crafts. I've also released a couple of designs as stitch alongs with a company called Stitchingly.

So what is a stitch along?

A stitch along, (or as they are commonly called a SAL), is an online stitching event where a group of people stitch the same design, at the same time, for a period of time. The designs are usually split into parts and these parts are then released over a period of time. A SAL can run for a number of weeks, or even for a few months, depending upon how many parts the design is split into or how often the parts are released.

Sometimes the whole design is revealed at the time of its release, but another type of SAL is a mystery SAL. The first part is revealed on release, but the subsequent parts are only shown on the next release dates. This creates an air of surprise and can add to the fun of a SAL.

Why join a SAL?

A SAL often has a community group that runs alongside it, (such as a Facebook group). This creates sense of community and helps to motivate you with your stitching.

During the SAL you can share your progress with other stitchers.

You can ask for advice from others who are making the same thing as you.

If you can't keep up with the stitching schedule of a SAL it doesn't really matter - it's just there to motivate you and be fun.

That sums up what a SAL is!

Above is a SAL I designed for Stitchingly.


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