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New - 'Home Sweet Home' Stitchable Card Designs!

For my second set of stitchable card designs I created 4 designs around the theme of the home. When we think of home we think of somewhere to relax and feel safe.

My designs depict a cute house, cosy cooking and baking imagery, a lovely green houseplant and a cute little cat. The colours of the designs are soft and warm to add to the cosy feeling.

The above image shows all 4 designs that are included in the set.

The designs are available to buy now as full stitching kits or just the designs. See this website for more details about how I came up with the designs and how to buy them: Susan Bates - Designing the “Home Sweet Home” Patterns for StitchableC – StitchableCards

This link shows you what's included in each type of Stitchables Kit: Kit Comparison – StitchableCards

Below are some close up details of the designs.

Below is my moodboard - showing some images which were inspiration for my 'Home Sweet Home' stitchable designs. (All of the artwork is my


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