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Patisserie Recipe Book - Cross Stitcher Magazine - May 2022 Issue

This was a sweet little design that I designed for the May 2022 issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. It's made here into a cover for a recipe book, but you could use it to cover any little notebook or journal, or just made a little framed picture out of it.

Patisseries shop window cross stitch pattern
Patisserie Cross Stitch Design

The design shows a woman gazing into a patisserie shop window, admiring all of the cakes on display. Her faithful dog is by her side, keeping her company. The design is in shades of pink and turquoise and there's a little cupcake bookmark to keep your place in the notebook.

The design is quite small so it will be relatively quick to stitch and there's no tricky fractional stitches in it either!

Cross Stitcher May 2022
Cross Stitcher May 2022 Front Cover

You can find my design in this issue of Cross Stitcher - plus lots of other lovely designs from many different designers!


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