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Cross Stitch Designing for 'Stitchable Cards'

Its been a while since I posted a new blog - but that's because I've been super busy! For the past few months I've been working with Stitchable Cards, a company in the USA.

In case you don't know of them, Stitchable Cards sells my cross stitch designs as kits. In these kits you have everything you need to stitch my patterns. What's different about these kits is that the patterns are stitched onto perforated card. The holes in the cards are at regular intervals, just like cross stitch fabric - so you can cross stitch onto them. The stitch count is equal to 10 count Aida fabric - making them quick and easy to stitch!So far I've designed 9 kits for them - see them here in the link to the Stitchable Cards website:

The kits use a stranded cotton that is similar to DMC Stranded Cotton. you can use 4 threads 0r 6 threads to stitch onto the perforated cards - the choice is up to you! The more threads you use to cross stitch results in more coverage of the backing card.

Each kit contains 4 designs - and there are 4 different card shapes to stitch onto:

  • square

  • rectangle

  • heart

  • circle.

My latest set of designs that's out now ids called 'Pretty Florals' - see the blog post on the Stitchable Cards website to read more about this set of designs: Pretty Floral Blog Post.

On the website there's loads more info about the kits. You can buy them as a on-off purchase, or subscribe to them as a kit club.


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